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Anonymous: are you a commitmentphobe?

not at all. i guess i just haven’t found the right person. i don’t jump into relationships easy at all unless its with someone i really like and thats rare

Anonymous: I just don't understand how you haven't been snapped up. I know you, btw. Just wish it was more..

if you know me then i guess you will know i have a few issues. probably the reason why

Anonymous: you look like you could be the lovechild of Megan Fox and Alice Kelson!!! so beautiful!!

not gonna lie had to google alice kelson then realised i’m following her on instagram and she’s such a babe, i WISH i looked anything like her but thank you for that lovely compliment :)

Anonymous: Can i have you?

hahaha why would you want me?

Anonymous: Told you she would lose interest

who cares, over it

everyone loses interest eventually so its not even surprising anymore