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Anonymous: You look so hot with black lipstick on

Oh thanks haha

Anonymous: Well then what would you wear to a bar crawl

Dunno, whatever I feel comfortable in and feel like on the day. How come?

Anonymous: What sort of thing would you wear 'clubbing'? X

I don’t go ‘clubbing’ haha I prefer day time drinks and bar crawls

locked-up-secrets: ur fit m8

I’m not, but thanks! Haha

Anonymous: beautiful face, stunning body & flawless hair. 🔥💋 Greetings from Germany !

N’aww x

Anonymous: I'm a dude and I laughed hysterically at that chump that described himself to you and asked if you'd date him. You're rad.

😂 aw bless him. I feel bad that he probably sat there putting so much thought into that description of himself aswell

Anonymous: Btw I'm a girl, not a straight guy

Hahaha yes!