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Anonymous: what type of girl would you go for?

I’ve answered this so much haha, I don’t have a specific type. It’s whether we have a connection and I feel comfortable around them to be myself

Anonymous: you have a facebook profile?

Yeah. I only accept people I know though

Anonymous: what is it with straight men sending you sexual/weird asks. its disrespectful and creepy as fuck. i feel sorry for you, man.

Fuck knows. It knocks me sick 😷

Anonymous: If you were straight and could pay me back in kind I totally would.


Someone buy me the crystal encyclopaedia and some treats from my wishlist 🙊

slashedupribbons: What would your bad guy character get up to?

I dunno, stab a few assholes and steal their organs?

Anonymous: what would you do in a horror movie? would you be the type of person to fight or run away from the antagonist?

I’d be the bad guy, of course!